Things That You Should Know About Webcam Modeling!

Things That You Should Know About Webcam Modeling!


Webcam modeling is a way for people to make an income, from the privacy of their own homes, and fast. With so many sites that are up and coming, it is safe to say that webcam modeling is going to be here for a while. Sex sales.

In 2008, when the housing market crashed, I invested a lot of time and energy into seeing what was not failing at that point. Even though the everything was falling the sex, porn, and adult entertainment industry were still shooting in high dollars and steadily rising. Live webcams are not like porn, it is like having a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend it is a wonderful way to have safe adult fun.

If you are curious about becoming a webcam model a few things that I had learned and wanted to share are:

  • Don’t expect money to just fall into your lap, you got to put in work just like any other job.
  • A phat pussy or big dick doesn’t mean that you are going to make top dollar, you got to make people want you to get what you want.
  • Starting out you will have your best chance of making the most money if you, keep them guessing giving up to much too fast takes away the curiosity and also cut down your amount you can make early on if everyone already knows what you got down
  • Done be rude! We know these sites have men and women on them, If you are not into one of the other put it in your bio. I see a lot of guys that down LGBTQ people not realizing that is where most of the money comes from. Flirt a little, it’s online anyway right?
  • Do start out with super low goals then thinking that you going t reach them by increasing them, UNLESS, you got a steady audience that loves you to death. The more people you get to fall in love with you the more they are willing to pay to have your attention.
  • Market yourself, if you know this is going to turn into something great for you then you got to invest in yourself, whether it is twitter or IG or other sites market you to get butts in the room to get that money.
  • Remember everyone doesn’t have the same views that you do, and you must respect everyone’s views.

Lastly, I would like to say that this is like virtual reality, it is like playing a video game with online friends and you all feel like you in the game together. Whenever you start your camera, think of yourself in the “sims” bedroom edition. Someone tips and tokens are like the buttons to press, to control you to get you to do things that are with in limits. If they didn’t tip enough to meet your needs then please let them know so they can get their needs met as well.