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Welcome to the KaramelKremez webcam sign up page. You will find the sign up link located at the bottom of this page. Before you go here are the steps that you need to take to become a broadcaster if you are interested in making money off the site. Follow these steps and you are own your way to a part-time or full-time career in webcam modeling. Enjoy!


When you  click on the sign up link it will take you to page below. Fill completely out! This is the only page you will need to fill out if you just want to chat in the chat rooms.


Next, if you are interested in becoming a broadcaster the next few steps are for you. Click on the tab for Broadcast Myself if this window doesn’t already come up for you. Then on the right hand side where you see the yellow arrow pointing click Age Verification.



Next, You will need to Sign the Performer Agreement stating that you understand the rules and have read them. Enter your full name, email address and date of birth.



OK, now we are at the point that you need to really verify who you are. You will need two photos. One of your Government issued ID and One of you holding your ID beside your face. Both photo must be clear and your information from the ID must be clear and able to be read.

You photo of you ID is to be uploaded for Image1 and you holding your ID is uploaded as Image2. Uploading them any other way will cause your account to not be verified.



 Once you have submitted all the information our site will take the time to get your account verified. It can at times take up to 72 hours, but once your account id verified it will show below where the yellow arrow is pointing.

Also you will come here and upload the id’s of anyone you plan on having on cam with you. Failure to upload their id will result in your came being shut down and your funds placed on HOLD until they are verified. You will not get any notification when others are verified you just got to upload their info to show they are over 18 years of age.



Now that your account is verified you will click the apps link, where the yellow arrow is pointing to help you select an App to help you keep track of your money per show, as well as to let the users know what they are paying you to do. If you are doing a sex show you should not be setting a Goal under 2000 tokens.  DON”T DO WHAT IS PLANNED FOR GOAL IS NOT MET. It will make people feel they don’t have to meet your goals and they can get it for free.



Last but most importantly we need to get you paid. You have completed everything else so why not get your check or Direct Deposit. Click on the tab for Token Stats as showing with the top yellow arrow and click the second yellow arrow link to fill in your information to get paid. Verify all the info before it is submitted because it will not be easy to change.



You are now complete and ready to click the link below to sign up. Enjoy!

Please click here to signup.